inscript -> notes -> knowledge management -> evergeen notes

"evergreen notes" => permanent (non-transient) notes which "are written and organized to evolve, contribute, and accumulate over time, across projects"1

proposed by Andy Matuschak who keeps an incredible set of notes⭧

Matuschak claims that a potentially useful output metric of knowledge work is the evergreen note, and that effective research revolves not around better note-taking, but better thinking/insight-making

standards for good evergreen notes:

- should be atomic => pertain only to a single topic

- should be concept-oriented

- should be densely linked

- they prefer associative ontologies to hierarchical taxonomies => viz. should allow structure to emerge organically

zettelkasten -> is the process that would develop evergreen notes
maps of content -> as Milo suggests, are constituted of evergreen notes


1) Andy Matuschak - Evergreen Notes⭧ - just an insanely valuable example of effective knowledge management