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"La Synthèse Humaine" => a concept developed by Guy Hobsbawm/Emil Zener (formerly Gunnar Haslam) that provides for a cross-disiplinary trajectory involving modular synthesis, patch programmability (a la Serge), cybernetics, and Marxism

"There's no right way to patch a modular synthesizer" -> "they are toys"1

As synthesists, our imaginations are actually far less interesting than the emergent or accidental results of an expressive palette

"The Human Use of Human Circuits" (which it sounds like he later phases out) => inspired by father of cybernetics, Norbert Weiner

Cybernetics deals with systems of motion, movement, and control, etc.. It can be framed as a proto-artificial intelligence, or perhaps an artificial type of heuristic navigation than can create complexity. The central tenet of cybernetics is feedback1

Hobsbawm claims that Weiner's general premise in "The Human Use of Human Beings" was to reorient creativity as the primary activity of humanity, as opposed to simple productivity

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1) The Bunker Artist Salon 002: Gunnar Haslam "La Synthèse Humaine Pt 1"⭧