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210227A:AUDIO Men I Trust - Oncle Jazz (2019)
 ⮡ Return to Analog -- 8/10 I really enjoy this record. Mixed well, great tone, especially the synths/keys and bass. Interesting to me how low the lead's vocals are at times. Really smooth, funky, like the good kind of Trader Joe's peanut butter.
201124B:AUDIO IVVVO - Theories of Anxiety (2014)
 ⮡ Danse Noire DN005 8/10 Working through IVVVO's discography. This record is good. It's really good. The noise is beautiful and the record has this housey vibe while still maintaining a Halcyon edge. "Fear" is awesome. "End" is also really great.
201124A:AUDIO IVVVO - Good, Bad, Baby, Horny (2017)
 ⮡ Halcyon Veil 7/10
201122A:AUDIO IVVVO - doG (2019)
 ⮡ Halcyon Veil HALC021 7.3/10
201116B:AUDIO Trackermatte - Ná (2016)
 ⮡ self N/A One of Rolando Simmons' other aliases. Very similar vibe. Fun stuff.
201116B:AUDIO Rolando Simmons - Volumes (Collector's Edition) (2015)
 ⮡ self 8.3/10 A really incredible piece of work. Well deserving the 2 hours of attention for those into the braindance genre. I have no idea if this release is well known, but I certainly hope it is. Will definitely have to check our Mattias's other projects.
201116A:AUDIO Godspeed You! Black Emperor (2017)
 ⮡ Constellation CST126 7.5/10 Really beautiful dissonant textures all over the record. There's something about post rock that feels so cozy or comfortable. I feel like some of my favorite dry guitar tones are from GYBE. ON "fam/famine", there is this very intersting moment where the chatic percussion is grounded in the cyclical resonances of the distorted drone which gives the while track this feeling as if its about to end, but it doesn't, it lingers. I suppose in some ways that I have been conditioned as a listener to expect that improvised drums means an ending is on its way. The closing track, "Anthem for No State pt. III" gives me an odd Westworld sort of vibe. A really pleasant record. Massive as always.
201113C:AUDIO Articulation - Rival Consoles (2020)
 ⮡ Erased Tapes Records ERATP133 7.8/10 Definitely need to ~replay. Quite interesting the momentum of records like this, Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, Four Tet (maybe). Compositionally engaging. Will need to explore RC more.
201113B:AUDIO Chaos in The CDB - Accidental Meetings EP (2017)
 ⮡ In Dust We Trust IDWT001 7/10 Difficult to describe but this is exactly the record I imagine when I imagine a record like this. Not to say it's predicatable, but its quite well-defined.
201113A:AUDIO Gunnar Haslam - Kalaatsakia (2017)
 ⮡ The Bunker New York BK025 7.5/10
201028A:AUDIO Actress - Karma and Desire (2020)
 ⮡ Ninja Tune ZEN271 8/10 Always love Actress' work. Prior to release, this was known to be a vocal heavy record, which is very much a departure from his past work. It could have gone so poorly, but it was so so well executed. Actress makes the voices another texture in his basement tea cup collection. Very neat to see him go in this direction. The tracks with Sampha remind me very much of James Blake's vocal, which is either an indication that a) he had a large influence on the modern scene b) I don't listen to enough British music or c) they were both influenced by something much earlier (Portishead? not sure). Definitely need to ~replay.
201026A:AUDIO r beny - Natural Fiction (2020)
 ⮡ self 7/10 Really excellent record. His compositions are always so seamless. Had a migraine and Austin usually helps.
201022B:AUDIO Sven Laux - Schachmatt (2018)
 ⮡ Whitelabrecs 7/10 Quite a confident record, and very very well arranged. On recommendation from Pulasaare of Neuvoids. Will definitely have to dig deeper into Whitelabelrecs.
201022A:AUDIO Svalbard - Glasbird (2019)
 ⮡ Whitelabrecs 6.5/10 Some really great work here. Quite calming.
201021C:AUDIO Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (1996)
 ⮡ Music70 - THS017 9.2/10 Same story as the previous. Great record. Will always love them.
201021B:AUDIO Boards of Canada - Boc Maxima (1996)
 ⮡ Music70 - THS017 9.3/10 I am resurrecting an old iPod classic through the Rockbox operating system and this happened to be one of the records I threw on there for testing. While BOC is so well known for their synths, their drums are really underrated. Some really excellent textures on the snare and the little ghost notes everywhere are beautifully placed.
201021A:AUDIO Flow Control - Ephemeral (2020)
 ⮡ KrysaliSound 8/10 Excellent piece of ambient work from a label I certainly need to explore more. Upon finishing this record, I was immediately looking for more.
201019C:AUDIO Lotic - Power (2015)
 ⮡ Tri Angle - TRIANGLE44 7.5/10 A little more refined than the previous two records but only slightly. I would say more so in arrangement than in the mix. Achieves the same rhythmic engagement without being as up-front/abrasive. "Resilience" is great. "Power" is a seminar on sound design - sounds as if she milked BFD for fills. So well done. I think the way Lotic treats voice on this record strikes me as having some relation to politics. Given the aesthetic context of the other elements on the record, the vocals become naturalized only when manipulated. That said, trans electronic music, is just electronnic music. I would hate to create a politic where there isn't one, or where it isn't my space to politic. I was inspired to catch up on Lotic's latest work after listening to Speaker Music's Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry and seeing if there's a relation between the two records. Not sure if that relation exists or has yet to be made apparent to me.
201019B:AUDIO Lotic - Agitations (2015)
 ⮡ Janus Berlin - JANUS004 7/10 Queer Halloween. Some absolutely stellar sound design. Not a huge fan of the overtly pitched sort of thing but she definitely makes it work in the context of the aesthetic. "Carried" is amazing. Definitely a maker record. Beautifully complex textures. Appropriates the siren (in a similar fashion to Speaker Music). "Surrender" has an awesome groove.
201019A:AUDIO Lotic - More Than Friends (2011)
 ⮡ #FEELINGS - FEEL001 7/10 Great use of [illegible] on "Coming Together". Some really haunting sounds. Definite footwork vibes. Somehow ahead of its time. Very R&S.
201018A:AUDIO Knxwledge - 1988 (2020)
 ⮡ Stones Throw Records - STH2409 6.5/10
201015E:AUDIO Speaker Music - Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry (2020)
 ⮡ Planet Mu - ZIQ424 9/10 Really excellent record. So much to say here. Not sure I'm the one to say it. Really looking forward to more of DeForrest's work down the line.
201015D:AUDIO James Blake - Before (2020)
 ⮡ UMG/Polydor - ? 4/10 Can't tell if genuinely bad or if I just don't care anymore.
201015D:AUDIO Facta - Scales and Measures EP (2019)
 ⮡ Pan ‎– WSDM014 7/10 Fun one. Has a nice polish to it. The groove on "4C Loop" is great.
201015C:AUDIO Beatrice Dillon - Workaround (2020)
 ⮡ Pan ‎– PAN106 7/10 Really beautiful rhythmic programming here. I wonder why reversed tabla is a trope. It's really interesting to see an artist recontextualize dub forms as IDM (thinking here of "Clouds Strum"). Lots of really well-mixed and sampled acoustic instrumentation. There's a lot of great and far-reaching ideas here, but I did find the record a little samey. It's a thumbs-up zoner. Good work music.
201015B:AUDIO K-Lone - Dance of The Vampires (2019)
 ⮡ Idle Hands ‎– IDLE056 7/10
201015A:AUDIO K-Lone - Cape Cira (2020)
 ⮡ Wisdom Teeth ‎– WSDMLP001 7.3/10 Nice and mellow. Some great delays washes. Nice use of bitcrushing. Standouts: "In The Pines", "Happened" is pretty incredible as well. Seems that as the record progresses, it becomes more abstract. I like that. On recommendation from a close friend. * Need to check out more of Wisdom Teeth.
201012A:AUDIO Various Artists - Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas of Visions Pt. I (2020)
 ⮡ Northern Electronics - Northern Electronics 73 N/A(?)* Revisiting a listening trajectory that began in the previous entry. Having trouble finding installments one and two in this series. Excellent compilation. Standouts: "The Pelican Company - Temple Bells", "The Empire Line - Traet av lagen..." ==> a little hardcore in a good way. Surprised to see Northern go in this direction, "Puce Mary ft. Varg2 - Violent and Delusional", "Mischa Pavlovski - Fra midt...", " Age Coin - No Corner, No Devil".

Not sure if I should rate compilations? Seems a little odd.
201011C:AUDIO O. Vaupel - Tol Arstidern, Levet Gennem Vores Faelles Syn (2017)
 ⮡ Janushoved - Janushoved no. 62 6.5/10 Beautiful record, quite fragile. When I lived in Chicago a few years ago, I had a huge Janushoved/Posh Isolation/Northern Electronics kick. There's something about these records that brings me back there. Quite interested in exploring the abundance of material in this area.
201011B:AUDIO Seabuckthorn - A House With Too Much Fire
 ⮡ Bookmaker Records - BKM17 4/10
201011A:AUDIO Noveller - Arrow (2020)
 ⮡ Ba Da Bing! - BING159 7.5/10 Very much enjoyed this record. Gven the fact that it is mostly (entirely?) comprised of heavily processed guitar, it is a masterclass on texture. Could just as easily be a film score. Reads pretty quick, but by no means a superficial work. Sounds like HOG/POG and Eventide Space all over the place.
201009B:AUDIO Shed – Oderbruch (2019)
 ⮡ Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTCD47 7.5/10 An energetic showing. Really liking Shed as he's new to me. Opening track, "B1" is just incredible. Some awesome drums on "Sterbende Alleen". Track 5 has some great synth tones(is there such a thing as a scandinavian sound?).
201009C:AUDIO SHXCXCHCXSH ‎– SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (2016)
 ⮡ Avian - AVNLP003 7/10 Pretty heavy. There's definitely something in this to revisit. ~replay
201009A:AUDIO G.H. - Housebound Demigod (2016)
 ⮡ Modern Love - LOVE103 8/10 Such an awesome record. The depth of sounds given the minimal setup. "Yorkshire Fog" has these crazy vocals like "Volumes" off this which is why I'm listening.
201008C:AUDIO Shed - The Final Experiment (2017)
 ⮡ Monkeytown Records - MTR069 7/10 A Four Tet-like bounce to some of these tracks. "Outgoing Society" (nice snare fills) and "Black Heart" (great kicks) stand out. Must ~replay.
201008B:AUDIO Special Request - Bedroom Tapes (2019)
 ⮡ Houndstooth - HTH114 7/10 Great kicks on this record. The reverb (esp. on rimshots) can be a little fatiguing. "Phosphorescence" has a Susumu Yakota vibe.
201008A:AUDIO Special Request - Offworld (2019)
 ⮡ Houndstooth - HTH115 6.5/10 Some nice claps and snares. "Front Screen Projection" is a banger.
201007A:AUDIO Overmono - Whities 019 (2018)
 ⮡ Whities - WHYT019 8/10 extremely well-mixed percussion, would easily ~replay
201007B:AUDIO Overmono - Raft Living (2018) N/A
 ⮡ Poly Kicks - POLY008 ?/10(was at work)
201005A:AUDIO Minor Science - Whities 012 (2017)
 ⮡ Whities - WHYT012 7.5/10 been looking for the first track "Volumes" for the last couple of years
 - really enjoy these interstitial vocal chops
 - vocal samples remind me of G.H. - "Yorkshire Fog"
201005B:AUDIO Minor Science - Second Language (2020)
 ⮡ Whities - WHYT028 6.5/10
200928A:AUDIO Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of (2018)
 ⮡ Warp Records - WARPCD295 6/10 Some great vocal manipulation. at times patriotic/anthemic, others medieval action film. Both Lopatin and Ferraro do these "Encarta" strings quite well, Lopatin with genuine passion/Ferraro laughing at those with passion
200927A:AUDIO Trade (Blawan and Surgeon) - SHEWORKS 005 (2013)
 ⮡ Works The Long Nights/Control 7/10 I'm just on a big 909 kick... kick the last year or two. Surgeon and Blawan never fail to dissappoint in that regard, whether individually or as a combo
200927B:AUDIO Surgeon - Klonk (2005)
 ⮡ Dynamic Tension Records - DTR007 7/10
200923A:AUDIO DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (1994)
 ⮡ Mo Wax - MW027 6/10
200922A:AUDIO Dibiase - Machines Hate Me (2010)
 ⮡ Alpha Pup Records - APR030 5/10 I didn't realize Dibiase relies so heavily on melody. Machines kind of blended into Last Wave --> speaks to the evolution of the sound
200922B:AUDIO Dibiase - Last Wave (2019)
 ⮡ Unknown
200922C:AUDIO Abstract Thought - Abstract Thought (2019)
 ⮡ Clone Records I legitimately had a 'sounds a lot like Drexciya... oh wait' moment.
200922D:VIDEO NSDOS Live at Mutek Montreal (2020)⭧ Amazing amazing performance from a really compelling artist. A must in my opinion. 200921A:AUDIO Jonwayne - Bowser (2011)
 ⮡ Alpha Pup Records - APR036 7.5/10 One of my comfort records. The tonal intricacy is uncharacteristic of the "Beat Scene", yet so natural here.
200921B:AUDIO Aphex Twin - Syro (2014)
 ⮡ Warp Records - WARP247 6.5/10 Some of the tracks are masterful IDM pieces, others are "look at me and my 303".
200921C:AUDIO Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP (2016)
 ⮡ Warp Records - WARP391 5/10 Housey. Bit of a slog; strikes me as a multitrack jam that was chopped into a release.
200919A:AUDIO Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (2011)
 ⮡ Software/Mexican Summer - SFT010 6.5/10 Such a classic. Evokes fond memories of friends. Plenty to be said for Lopatin's overtly technical sampling.
200917A:AUDIO Andy Stott - It Should Be Us (2019)
 ⮡ Modern Love - LOVE114 6/10 Such a classic. Evokes fond memories of friends. Plenty to be said for Lopatin's overtly technical sampling.
The fast cut-up vocals on "OL9" are brilliant. First half was a little slow for me.
200917B:AUDIO Vladislav Delay - Rakka (2020)
 ⮡ Cosmo Rhythmatic - CR11 7.5/10 Really great use of stereo image across the record. "Raataja" has a nice momemtum to it. Noise (where it appears) done right.
200917C:AUDIO Various Artists - Clicks_+_Cuts (2000)
 ⮡ Mille Plateaux - MP79 7/10 Catalyzed a lot of the more abstract electronic of the 2000s (a la Raster-Noton). Stand-outs: *Vladislav Delay - Synkopoint*, "Skist - Shift", "Neina - Clairvoyance", "Curd Duca - Pop".
Lots of sine bass and widened high-passed percussion.
ARCHIVE:AUDIO [These are memorable records that I heard prior to developing the log in its current iteration. In time, I look forward to revisiting with present or current treatment. Format: record, year, month/year heard]

bicep - bicep 2017 mar 18
fort romeau - insides 2015 mar 18
afx - analogue bubblebath 1991 mar 18
walker farrell - generative 3 2012 2015 mar 18
damien dubrovnik - great many arrows 2017 mar 18
olympisk loft - syv satser 2018 mar 18
ballista - dress drawn aside 2018 mar 18
tetsu inoue - world receiver 1996 mar 18
djrum vs. struction - struktur 2016 mar 18
mats erlandsson - selective miracles 2016 mar 18
skee mask - ISS002 2016 mar 18
dj python - dulce compania 2017 feb 18
dj sports - modern species 2017 feb 18
visible cloaks - reassemblage 2017 feb 18
emily a sprague - mount vision 2018 oct 18
emily a sprague - water memory 2017 oct 18
evan tuell - workshop 07 2009 oct 18
m geddes gengras - hawaiki tapes 2018 oct 18
m geddes gengras - light pipe 2018 oct 18
flica - sub side 2018 oct 18
acronym - river red gum 2013 oct 18
surgeon - communications 1996 oct 18
acronym - june 2015 oct 18
acronym - malm 2017 oct 18
william basinski and lawrence english - selva obscura 2018 oct 18
toshimaru nakamura - nimb9 2018 nov 18
weakmassive - metra 2018 nov 18
kassem mosse - workshop 03 2007 nov 18
four tet - morning evening 2015 nov 18
darfdhs - morkret 2015 nov 18
rad kjetil senza testa - of the augmented living dead 2013 nov 18
kaitlyn aurelia smith - ears 2016 nov 18
kaitlyn aurelia smith - euclid 2015 nov 18
dakim - soap 2016 nov 2018
jaeger, mathieu, rabelais - zauberberg 2016 nov 18
ital - workshop 18 2013 nov 18
move d - workshop 13 2011 nov 18
willow - workshop 23 2016 nov 18
madteo - workshop 117 2010 nov 18
dino spiluttini - no horizon 2018 nov 18
rafael anton irisarri - el ferrocarril desvaneciente 2018 nov 18
solid blake - warp room 2018 dec 18
solid blake - warp room 2018 dec 18
dmx krew - strange directions 2017 dec 18
transllusion - the opening of the cerebral gate 2001 dec 2018
transllusion - a moment of insanity 2018 dec 18
the other people place - lifestyles of the laptop cafe 2017 dec 18
legowelt - star gazing 2013 dec 18
legowelt - blue tearz 2013 dec 18
legowelt - classics 1998 - 2003 2003 dec 18
legowelt - dark days 2004 dec 18
legowelt - amiga railroad adventures 2009 dec 18
legowelt - unfolding the future with amateur space jazz 2017 dec 18
betonkust and palmbomen ii - center parcs lp 2018 dec 18
willie burns - house 2011 dec 18
actress - AZD 2017 dec 18
actress and london contemporary orchestra - lageos 2018 dec 18
iglooghost - neo wax bloom 2017 dec 18
iglooghost - steel mogu 2018 dec 18
blawan - wet will always dry 2018 nov 18
dk - drop 2014 dec 18
dk - island of dreams 2016 dec 18
geena - peace love earth 2016 dec 18
hainbach - no need for rain 2017 oct 18
jefre cantu-ledesma - in summer 2016 nov 18
meyers - struggle artist 2018 nov 18
meyers - negative space 2016 nov 18
burhan ocal and pete namlook - sultan 1997 nov 18
hiroshi yoshimura - wet land 1993 nov 18
acronym - mu 2015 nov 18
unique 3 - the theme 1989 nov 18
sweet exorcist - testone 1989 nov 18
ability ii - pressure 1990 nov 18
legowelt - amiga 500 tapes unknown nov 18
legowelt - cyrstal cult 2080 2014 nov 18
legowelt - the paranormal soul 2012 nov 18
henry wu - good morning pecknaam 2015 mar 19
chaos in the cbd - midnight in peckham 2015 mar 19
conforce - kinetic image 2013 mar 19
octo octa - where are we going 2017 mar 19
forest swrods - compassion 2017 mar 19
james blake - assume form 2019 mar 19
sam gellaitry - escapism 1,2,3 2015-2017 mar 19
lanark artefax - whities 011 2017 mar 19
lanark artefax - arisen my senses 2017 mar 19
errorsmith - superlative fatigue 2017 mar 19
al dobson jr - sounds from the village 1,2 2019 mar 19
robert hood - omega 2010 mar 19
objekt - flatland 2014 mar 19
objekt - cocoon crush 2018 mar 19
throwing snow - loma 2018 mar 19
throwing snow - embers 2017 mar 19
vindkaldr - vindkaldr 2019 mar 19
fief - II 2016 mar 19
kobold - cave of the lost talisman 2017 mar 2019
snd - makesnd cassette 1999 mar 2019
mark fell - multistability 2010 mar 2019
mark fell and gabor lazar - neurobiology of moral decision making 2015 mar 2019
gabor lazar - unfold 2018 mar 19
lorenzo senni - the shape of trance to come 2017 mar 19
afx - collapse ep 2018 mar 19
v.a. - kann 00 2008 mar 19
tessela - nancy's pantry 2013 feb 19
grizzly bear - painted ruins 2017 feb 19
mesh - scythians ep 2014 feb 19
yoshiaki ochi - natural sonic 1990 feb 19
simon scott - soundings 2019 may 19