inscript -> notes -> knowledge management -> maps of content

a dithered image of a topographical map

maps of content(MOCs) => a "fluid framework" of "digital workbenches" that allow for groups of notes to be categorized by theme and outlined, paraphrased even...1

In a cyclical process, MOCs...

evolve and are expanded and contracted as details disseminates outwards into independent notes, and becomes codified as "evergreen notes"

are meant to encourage positive feedback loops

result in "meaningful spatial constellations that help us navigate thought"

become "non-destructive, non-limiting, fluid, augmented layers"

Three stages in developing MOCs:

- collect, curate, incubate
-> like beyblades for ideas? --> I'm not opposed to dialectical propositional (argumentative) analysis, but why introduce conflict into the situation? - battle, collide, dismember, combine, craft, discover
- enjoy and use

digital gardening
concept mapping


1) Relevant forum thread from Nick Milo on MOCs (who I believe is their creator)⭧