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Arno Schmidt with his zettelkasten
writer Arno Schmidt with his zettelkasten

"zettelkasten" => german: 'slipbox'

a system for keeping track of information|research by:

- creating small notes on a single topic (should generally respect the principle of atomicity => 1 note = 1 idea thus no link ambiguity)
- groupings of notes can be implied through links or made explicit through "structure notes" or "hub notes" which serve as outlines of content
- assigning a unique identifier to each note
  (perhaps a number, timestamp, word, or collection of words)
- linking notes to each other

benefits of the zettelkasten system:

- these links created groups|subsets of notes
- these groups create the building blocks for writing or project documentation
- eventually, the system becomes dense enough that searching through the zettelkasten allows for surprising|emergent|conversational results

- the zettelkasten system is largely attributed to Niklas Luhmann, a german sociologist and systems theorist known for amassing a large collection of notes over his prolific academic career (published 60 books and ended up with 90,000 notes in his system)

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